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It's hard to keep up with all the latest spa info - new openings, quirky treatments, best deals - so we'll do our best to keep you informed. We welcome your feedback and inputs - info@spa-ireland.com


Fabulous Facials - 18 Feb 2012

Fabulous Facials

Dr Hauschka Magic in Dublin

Having a facial can be a daunting experience; I've walked away from some therapists feeling utterly useless at managing my skincare and wanting to put a bag over my head in case I bumped into anyone I knew, make-up-less and face-naked.

A Christmas gift of a Dr Hauschka facial (thank you Jeannette!) has taught me that truly magical facials do exist. Of course the ingredients are there - Dr H is 100% natural, plant based and designed to work with your skin, rather than on your skin.

Tara O'Rourke was my personal skin magician who calmly looked at my tired, dingy skin, seriously de-hydrated from the ten flights I've flown so far this year, and told me to relax and let her look after it. She began the treatment with a sage based foot bath, which was enough to set me into dream-land on its own, and then moved on to a highly structured yet soothing and cleansing facial ritual. Soft touches, a lot of work on my lymphatic system and a deeply nourishing facial mask combined to make the time pass in a flash of facial bliss. No hard product sell at the end, which always impresses me and in fact makes me more inclined to buy product. My face has never looked cleaner and I'm left with a desire to go easy on the make-up and heavy on the kindness to my skin.

For appointments contact Tara directly at taraniruairc1@gmail.com, T 086 089 9663. And you can buy Dr Hauschka products at an ever increasing number of stockists around the country, see http://drhauschkaireland.ie/index.html.


Romantic Weddings - 14 Feb 2012

Romantic Weddings

Heritage Golf & Spa Resort Showcase Event

The Heritage Golf & Spa Resort in Killenard, Co. Laois invites all bride and grooms-to-be to come along and experience the world of weddings at its Spring Wedding Showcase which will be held on Sunday, 4th March 2012 from 2pm-5pm. Idyllically situated close to the foot of the Slieve Bloom Mountains, The Heritage Golf & Spa Resort will bring together the very best of bridal professionals under one roof to ensure that you will be spoilt for choice to help you plan your perfect day!

Guests will be greeted upon arrival with the renowned Heritage Golf & Spa Resort red carpet welcome. Representatives from the best wedding suppliers and services will all be in attendance on the day to assist in every way they can. The Heritage Golf & Spa Resort executive chef will also be at hand to tempt you with a decadent assortment of wedding food delights.

“Our Spring Wedding Showcase gives couples the opportunity to see what The Heritage Golf & Spa Resort has to offer as a wedding venue, from our spectacular setting and facilities, to the magnificent ballroom and our Civil Cermony facilities” says Struan Craig, General Manager of The Heritage Golf & Spa Resort. “We have selected a range of the top wedding suppliers, from florists to our Executive Chef Noel Newell, which couples can meet in person on the day. This will allow brides and grooms alike to have personal contact with different wedding specialists and discuss their services and products first hand before making a decision.

Brides can find the dresses of their dreams, tuxes for the groom and hotel accommodations and entertainment for their guests. Additionally, you can order invitations and favors, see photographers' work, sample wedding cake, book a wedding car and wedding planner". Most importantly, from a Spa Ireland perspective anyway - the spa team can assist with wedding make-up and resident hair stylist can discuss potential styles while wine and champagne experts will be there to offer advice and tips.”

For further details contact The Heritage Golf & Spa Resort Wedding team on 057 8645500, email weddings@theheritage.com or visit www.theheritage.com


SpaFinder Trends for 2012 - 01 Feb 2012

SpaFinder Trends for 2012

Healthy Feet, Cold and Ice and Online Wellness Gaming

Each year we look forward to hearing the trends predicted by Susie Ellis and her team, largely because we think she has the clearest 'voice' in spa and has an uncanny knack of crystal-balling what's on the way in spa-land. Now in its ninth year, the influential annual report is based on analyses from SpaFinder Research and its team of experts who visit hundreds of spa and wellness businesses around the world every year, as well as interviews with leading industry analysts, and data and feedback collected from SpaFinder’s partnership with over 15,000 spas, yoga, Pilates and fitness studios, wellness practitioners and salons worldwide.

So, to the sound of fanfare and trumpets, the top four global spa trends for 2012 are:

1.) Healthy Feet Treatments
Spa-goers can now take care of their troubled tootsies with a variety of treatments and classes. Canyon Ranch SpaClub in Las Vegas offers a comprehensive “Healthy Feet” program, with computerized gait analysis and treatments in zero-gravity chairs, while Yamuna's boot camps in New York City teach attendees to improve their posture and strengthen the muscles in their feet. There are even 100% foot-focused med-spas such as California's Stride Wellbeing, which combines podiatric medical care with a menu of foot-pampering treatments. And podiatrist-overseen “medi-pedis” are booming, like those served up at celebrity foot doc Margaret Dabbs’ London centers, or famed French foot doctor Bastien Gonzalez’ signature pedicures at One&Only spa resorts worldwide.

2.) Cold and Ice Treatments
Infrared saunas, which direct radiant heat into the body without heating the air, are becoming more widespread, and more extreme cold and hot/cold-contrast treatments are on the rise. Every ESPA spa in the world now offers ice rubdowns after saunas, while spa-goers at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas can experience falling snow in its Arctic Ice Room. A new Snow Shower from Thermarium will hit the market soon, and for hardcore ice devotees there's cryotherapy, where a person spends 2-3 minutes in a chamber cooled to a mind-numbing -120°C (-184°F). It's a highlight at Canada’s Sparkling Hill Resort and California's US Cryotherapy Center - the first dedicated “cold therapy clinic” which is poised to franchise its full-body, cold-therapy chamber to other locations.

3.) Wellness and Beauty Coaching
Health coach. Sleep coach. Eyebrow coach. Coaching is gathering steam at spas, and with good reason. While isolated treatments have their benefits, spas are in a unique position to help people make the kind of lifestyle changes that lead to long-term health and well-being. With the word "spa" increasingly evoking an entire lifestyle, it is only logical that coaching will become a fundamental part of the spa philosophy. US destination spas like MiiAmo and Canyon Ranch are taking the lead with spa coaching packages followed by post-visit consultations via phone, email, and even Skype. The trend is also hitting the beauty arena, with Clarins officially offering “beauty coaches” at its new flagship spa in Paris. As wellness-related gadgets and apps become more advanced, watch for long-distance wellness and beauty coaching to become even more prevalent.

4.) Online Wellness Gaming
Half a billion people worldwide play online games for at least an hour a day, and gaming's addictive features – points, challenges, rewards, social interaction – are uniquely suited to making healthy lifestyle changes stick. Pioneers in the wellness gaming space include early entries like the meditation game Leela, from mind-body guru Deepak Chopra, and MindBloom's Life Game, which rewards members for achieving well-being goals and has the backing of insurance giant Aetna. While French beauty powerhouse Clarins has dipped its toes into the market with its beauty-centric Facebook game "Spa Life,” the spa industry is well-poised to take the lead in wellness games, as spas already enjoy powerful real-world connections with their customers. The next step is to use gaming to maintain those connections once they return home, offering daily online workouts, using sensors to track progress, and facilitating online encouragement from therapists, friends, and family.