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Lava Shells Massage

14 May 2009

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Revolutionary treatment coming soon to Ireland.

Hailing all the way from the Tropics, a revolution in the massage world will arrive soon on Irish shores in the form of Lava Shells™, described as “the world’s first naturally self-heating massage tool”.

This new form of hot therapy is centred upon lava shells - genuine Tiger Striped Clam Shells hand selected from the South Pacific.“The clam’s natural shape makes it a perfect tool for massage,” assures Clare Anderson of UK and Ireland distributor Shared Beauty Secrets.“With a narrow edge along the mouth for targeted deep work and a smooth, rounded surface for even pressure and comfort and long strokes.”

The shells are obtained from villages in the Philippines where they are a part of the everyday diet and previously regarded as waste, making LavaShells™ are eco friendly from start to finish.

The secret of this treatment lies in the ability of the shells to heat up internally for up to an hour. Gone is the necessity of external equipment, batteries or electricity.

Unlike hot stones, all lava shells require to heat up is LavaGel, a patented non-toxic and biodegradable combination of natural minerals and water. This innovative self-heating blend of natural ingredients includes algae and dried sea kelp which, when blended with sea water, generates its own controlled heat for hour long massages.

We can't wait to see this hit Irish shores and to try it out.