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Spa Ireland


A guide to spa sense

Staying in a spa property for the first time or trying out spa treatments can be a little daunting; we've all been there. Here are some tips we've learnt along the way, which we hope will make your stay even more relaxing.

Advance booking

It's always better to book your stay and treatments as far ahead as possible. Weekends can be exceptionally busy so don't be surprised if you don't get the exact treatment times you want – be as flexible as you can. It's always worth thinking about off peak treatment times (mornings) or Monday – Thursday stays as it can be much easier to plan the treatment programme you really want. Accommodation may be cheaper too.


Daily attire at spas is always very casual, robes and slippers (usually provided by the spa property) or tracksuits – be comfortable. Depending on the style of spa and package you have chosen you may need yoga gear, workout clothes, and you will invariably need a swimsuit (or 2). Many properties we feature offer outdoor activities or gyms so if you plan to enjoy those you'll need suitable footwear for exercise. The Irish climate is variable, always plan for some rain and if there is none, be pleasantly surprised. Evening dress varies from spa to spa. Some destination or resort spas welcome people to meals in their robes, some encourage casual clothing, others offer the chance to dress up a little. It's not a cruise ship so don't waste energy stressing about what to wear, be comfortable. This is a good chance to take a break from wearing makeup and perfume is usually discouraged in the spa area.